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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vitamin B6 is one integral vitamin that can help children with autism recover

Vitamin B6 is one integral vitamin that can help children with autism recover
Many children with autism have nutritional deficiencies. There are a variety of factors that contribute to this including biological processes that may inefficiently nutrients that are received. Establishing optimum health can be a lengthy and challenging process but is well worth every ounce of effort and energy. Since it is so comprehensive, many parents wonder where to begin and what nutrients will elicit the quickest result.

Taking into account how common it is for children with autism to have a very limited diet, and the nutritional quality of processed foods, it is easy to see how nutrients can be lacking. The implications of these deficiencies can mistakenly be contributed to the symptoms of autism or behavioral issues when, in fact, they are symptoms of physical discomfort and nutritional deficiencies.

Vitamin B6 is one integral vitamin that many children with autism respond very well to. Once given, parents report seeing changes in as little as three days. It is important to note that B6 must be given with Magnesium in order to be effective.

The positive changes reported are exciting. Parents state their children have an overall increase in functioning. Many parents notice how significant the changes are when they stop giving their child B6 and Magnesium, and they immediately understand its effectiveness.

Whether or not children with autism are specifically deficient in B6 is yet to be determined. Once on a supplementation program for one month, if no changes are seen, parents are encouraged to discontinue its usage. Like all treatments for autism, not all children respond to the same treatment or in the same way.

When beginning supplementation it is always recommended to have the advice and support of a medical team and to begin each stage slowly. If B6 and Magnesium are given in too high of a dosage or the amount is increased too quickly, negative side effects can occur. Nausea, hyperactivity, increased behaviors and diarrhea are the most common ones experienced. If any of these occur, consult your medical team immediately to adjust or discontinue the supplement.

The amount of B6 and Magnesium given to children with autism is ultimately determined by a professional based on the individual child’s needs. There is a condition called neuropathy that is rarely seen when too much B6 is given. Again, a medical team experienced with these supplements as treatments for autism should monitor the regimen to avoid such experiences.

As is the case with Vitamin C, many parents report their child does well on exceptionally high doses of these nutrients; amounts that greatly exceed the recommended limits. This is what parents and professionals will often call ‘mega-dosing’. Many medical professionals will strangely advise against high doses of nutrients but will quickly prescribe a drug known to be harmful, so this is why having a team that understands these treatments in regards to children with autism is so necessary.

There are many supplements that help children with autism recover. Vitamin B6 is one of them. It must be taken with Magnesium to be effective and when the child is deficient in these nutrients, the results can be seen almost immediately. With a small chance of side effects, beginning this regimen is ideal for many families. It is recommended to keep track and record dosages and the supplements effects for ongoing maintenance and modification. Once this process has begun and one month or more has passed, parents can continue to see progress by continuing to add supplementation. As more and more parents use these treatments, the results are more and more convincing that there is hope for children with autism.


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